This past summer I was presented an opportunity to travel to Venezuela to photograph my best friends' wedding. I was preparing myself for extraordinary experience and their wedding exceeded all my expectations. 

 I spent 1 week in Caracas. Most of it's time tagging along with the guys while they were pulling things together for the big day. 

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I don't usually put a lot of photos of dancing, but this time it's different. This wedding was about having fun, partying and DANCING, DANCING, DANCING! 


P.S. This wedding wasn't with out celebrities as well.  Continue reading if you want to see that woman who "Los Del Rio" dedicated their hit song "MACARENA" to.

There she is, Diana Patricia Cubilan, in white dress with orange flower. The story is that back in 1992 Los Del Rio were invited to a private party in Venezuela and that's where they saw local flamenco teacher Diana dancing. They were so impressed that one of the singers came up with the famous chorus right on the spot and named her "Ma'dalena".