Les Grands Ballets de Montreal. 2016-17 Company Shoot.

On my birthday back in August I got to create a group portrait of Les Grands Ballets de Montreal dancers for their 2016-17 program.
So far this is the largest group portrait I got to make.

Prepping for the shoot was a fun challenge: my assistant Pascale and I had to tape two 11' seamless backdrops side by side in order to give us enough width for 18 people group.

We shot a variety of moods from serious and glam to kind and fun. Final shots were to be in black and white (yes!) and the company went with the serious look.

Few layers and LOTS of masking later these final images were created.

Special thanks to Pascale M├ęthot for assisting!
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Equipment list:
Phase One DF with P30+ digital back
Schneider 80mm LS
2x Profoto 7A packs
Elinchrom Ranger RX
Elinchrom 7' EL OCTA

Continue reading for some behind the scenes stuff. 


I wanted to do something different in studio and came up with this set. The images of Jeanne laying on the sand turned out close to what I was going for but not exactly. I simply could not find white enough sand in Montreal and just went with the regular Home Depot kind. I now understand why they travel to Caribbean islands for this kind of shoots. Oh well, maybe some day...

Photography: www.kravetzphotographics.com ©2016

Modern Kitchen and Bathroom for Filo Plus.

Here's probably the least humble kitchen designed by Filo Plus.

The space have many interesting features and is very "open space". This allowed me to shoot whole nine angles instead of usual three or four.  It was especially cool to be able to show the kitchen in the context of the whole living area.

I used natural light with touch of strobes to bring out detail and colour of certain surfaces like wood of the cellar and metal of the fridge.

Working with Lise and Monique from Filo Plus is always a pleasure because they are both very particular when it comes to framing and prop styling. So I, as a photographer, can take time and have fun setting up and lighting each shot carefully.

The bathroom shot was probably most complicated image and involved some heavy compositing using multiple exposures, keeping in mind that main focus should be on cabinetry.  

Kitchen design and prop styling - Filo Plus
Photography - ©2016 Sasha Onyshcehnko / www.kravetzphotographics.com
Assistent: Philip Boudreau

He plays clarinet...

I have images from quite few shoots just sitting on my drives and waiting. Some shoots I was just not happy with at the time, others just didn't know how to edit. And so they wait like unfinished paintings for me to dust them off and continue working on them again. 
Here're few images from one of those shoots back in 2014 with good friend and musician Gregorry Parra.

Photography: www.kravetzphotographics.com ©2014

More images: 

"A Suivre" Poster Images

Images created for dancers of Les Grands Ballets de Montreal and their choreographic workshop called "A Suivre" (http://www.grandsballets.com/en/performance/atelier-choregraphique/)

Creating this set of images was truly a group effort. As the shoot progressed, we figured that much better images were coming out while the dancers were moving, instead of trying to hold each pose.

I took series of images while the dancers improvised. After capturing about 30-40 images, this particular images really stood out from the computer screen making it an obvious choice.

Photography: ©2016 www.kravetzphotographics.com
Assisted by Mike Phang.

"A Suivre". Dancers-Choreographers of Les Grands Ballets de Montreal.

I recently did portraits of Les Grands Ballets dancers for their upcoming show in Montreal called "A Suivre".

Quote from press release about "A Suivre":

  "A space where experimentation and bold ideas are given free rein, Les Grands Ballets’ choreography workshop is an opportunity for the company’s dancers to explore the art of choreography and the various aspects of staging a show.
  Entirely conceived and created by the dancers of Les Grands Ballets, who for the occasion will be choreographers, technicians, publicists, and last but not least…dancers. "

Dancer's career can be really short and that's why it's so cool that they have the opportunity to try themselves in something different.  

If you want to get more info about the shows and dates or support the guys, you can do it here: 

Here are portraits of all twelve choreographers as well as some behind the scenes images. We shot the guys in their ballet studio. Individual portraits were mostly lit with window light and only strobes were used for the group shots. 

Huge thanks to Mike Phang for helping out on this shoot.

Karen. NSFW

Right before I moved to Montreal, I got the opportunity to photograph Halifax based model Karen Murdock. 
I always wanted to photograph Karen. The combination of quiet calmness of her face with expressiveness of her body made Karen very appealing subject for me.

Here're few of the images from that day in studio. 
Assisted by Monica Melanson.
Photography: ©2015 Sasha Onyshchenko / www.kravetzphotographics.com

Photographed with One P30+/DF camera with Schneider 80mm LS 2.8 and Mamiya 210mm 4.5 lenses.

Warning: following images are Not Safe For Work (NSFW) 


I'm learning that there're many male models in Montreal anxious to get in front if the camera because most photographers prefer photographing girls (big surprise). So maybe there's a niche to be filled. :)

Here's another new face at Specs Models - Tiago.

Shot on Phase One P30+/DF camera with Schneider 80mm LS 2.8 and Mamiya 210mm 4.5 lenses

Photography: Sasha Onyshchenko / www.kravetzphotographics.com ©2016
Assistent: Mike Phang

More images from our test shoot: