Here's probably the least humble kitchen designed by Filo Plus.

The space have many interesting features and is very "open space". This allowed me to shoot whole nine angles instead of usual three or four.  It was especially cool to be able to show the kitchen in the context of the whole living area.

I used natural light with touch of strobes to bring out detail and colour of certain surfaces like wood of the cellar and metal of the fridge.

Working with Lise and Monique from Filo Plus is always a pleasure because they are both very particular when it comes to framing and prop styling. So I, as a photographer, can take time and have fun setting up and lighting each shot carefully.

The bathroom shot was probably most complicated image and involved some heavy compositing using multiple exposures, keeping in mind that main focus should be on cabinetry.  

Kitchen design and prop styling - Filo Plus
Photography - ©2016 Sasha Onyshcehnko /
Assistent: Philip Boudreau

Couple iPhone BTS shots: