I recently did portraits of Les Grands Ballets dancers for their upcoming show in Montreal called "A Suivre".

Quote from press release about "A Suivre":

  "A space where experimentation and bold ideas are given free rein, Les Grands Ballets’ choreography workshop is an opportunity for the company’s dancers to explore the art of choreography and the various aspects of staging a show.
  Entirely conceived and created by the dancers of Les Grands Ballets, who for the occasion will be choreographers, technicians, publicists, and last but not least…dancers. "

Dancer's career can be really short and that's why it's so cool that they have the opportunity to try themselves in something different.  

If you want to get more info about the shows and dates or support the guys, you can do it here: 

Here are portraits of all twelve choreographers as well as some behind the scenes images. We shot the guys in their ballet studio. Individual portraits were mostly lit with window light and only strobes were used for the group shots. 

Huge thanks to Mike Phang for helping out on this shoot.

Andrew Wright
 Renata Commisso
 Rubén Julliard 
 Jean-Sébastien Couture
 Marcin Kaczorowski 
 Eline Malègue
 Myles Lavallee 
Jerimy Rivera 
 Jacqueline Lopez 
 Jeremy Galdeano 
 Vanesa G.R. Montoya
 Corwin Barnette and Troy Herring 

And, of course, mandatory behind the scenes pictures: 

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