Every once in a while I do personal shoots. I come up with an idea and a look I want to create, and only then I start to search for a model, who will complete my vision.  

I find that in photography, like in every other form of art,  it's extremely hard to be creative at all times.  But in business of photography we (photographers) can compensate it by being CONSISTENT.  We can train our selfs to deliver highest quality imagery and exceed client's expectations even when we are having an OFF day. 
Shoots like this help me keep my skills sharp. Preparing for shoots like this - develops my vision. Shooting and postproduction - develops my style. 

I was contacted by make-up artist Sylvie Mazerolle, who recently moved back to Moncton from Toronto. After checking out her work, I was thrilled and really looked forward to working with her. 
After bouncing off few ideas of each other, one thing was clear - it had to be a portfolio moneymaking beauty image.  We started with very clean and super natural make-up and spiced it up a bit towards the second half of the shoot by adding "smokey eyes" make-up and messy hair. 

Finding the right model for the look I have in mind takes me sometime too. After few cancelations from other models I found the one I was looking for, and she was perfect.  

Continue reading and see a video of how this image was created in postproduction.