I'm approaching a 2 year mark of being in business of wedding photography full time (or 3 years in total).

This past year I realized how I want to photograph your wedding and what product I will offer to you.

 If you ask me, what my favourite moment of entire wedding experience is, I'll tell you: it's when a Fedex guy hands me a box, and I know that there's a fruit of 6 months of my labour inside of it - a wedding album. I start unpacking. I see my heart beating through my shirt and feel my hands sweating inside of cotton gloves. I open presentation box and sense harsh smell of premium leather cover. I start flipping pages and aroma of fresh ink adds to the mix. I'm nervous. I examine every image for details, tones and colour reproduction, check lamination, leather and binding. Everything is perfect.... exhale.... That's my favourite moment.

 I'm writing all this because I'm hoping that I can show you how much thoughts, passion and care I put into my albums, why I want you to have it and why all of my collections now include album.

It's been over a year since I met Danielle and Marty. Our Engagement Session lasted 5 hours, I just couldn't get enough of this couple. The session allowed me to break the ice between us, and to see how they behave in front of the camera and what the best way to photograph them. They were stunning on the wedding day and photographs were all about glamour and gloss.

Here are some images of the album and few of its spreads.
It's 12"x12" Soho Book,  White Gramercy Premium Leather Cover, contains 17 spreads, 2 optional apertures in the cover, and optional Premium Leather Presentation box.