This past March I was invited to photograph Rokaya&Chris's wedding. For location of their wedding they chose Paradisus Resort and Spa in Varadero, Cuba (makes me want to go back just by typing the name).
I spent entire week with the couple, their family and closest friends, and I brought back a tonne of images. I'll be posting more images from our casual sessions before the wedding next time, and for now, here are just highlights of the wedding day.

When I hear "destination wedding", the first image that pops into my mind is a sunny day with deep blue sky and a bride and groom laying on golden sand with their wedding clothes completely trashed. But that would have been too easy, and that wasn't the case of our wedding. Stormy clouds and wind is what we had to deal with, but neither I, nor the couple or the guests complained about it. So, this is another example that no weather disaster can ruin the magic of a wedding day, and most of the time it will make it even more remarkable.