Here are a couple of portraits of Krista and Lynden from their summer wedding. They are one of the sweetest and madly-in-love couples I ever worked with. 
We created these portraits while taking refuge from the noon August sun under Gunningsville bridge in Riverview, NB.
Scenic locations are, of course, nice to have in your wedding album, but if time is of the essence and for some reason you didn't plan enough time for your formals, it's ok too. And even though I had about 2 hours dedicated to formals with Krista and Lynden, I just wanted to show to couples, who are planning on getting married in summer, that with proper photographic skills beautiful images can be created anywhere and anytime. 

Let's face it, that in our area we don't have a lot of high end venues or other classy locations (I hear people complain about it all the time, and I'm one of them), so we have to use our creativity and work with what we have. In my opinion location must come secondary. It must compliment both of you, and not compensate for lack of something else. When I photograph you, I want to see what's in your eyes, I want to show your mood, your thoughts and your chemistry between each other on your wedding day through your body language, and not just where the photos were taken.