It was Jessica's first time competing as a fitness model. We booked our photo shoot 2 days before the competition, because it was the peak of her shape. I didn't even realize how precise their training programs are.

Stage fright had place to be and in the end this photo shoot helped her overcome her natural shyness, loosen up, gain a lot of confidence and kick some serious butt at the competition (2nd place in Medium Class).

Just wanted to add that for me, who pays extra attention to posing and staging every shot carefully, it was absolute pleasure working with someone like Jessica, who is so aware of her body, angles and poses. I was getting THE shot every time she did new pose.

Here is a 10 spreads 8"x10" album design we just created. The photo album will become timeless keepsake for Jessica, which will remind her about this important achievement and that nothing is impossible.

Special thanks to my team Bonnie Dilag (make-up) and Francine Benoit (hair) to complete this experience for Jessica.

And here is the final product itself: