I have a soft spot for black and white images. I have wanted to do an all b&w shoot for very long time, so when Mac and Lyndsay asked me if I could create their Signature Guest Book all in b&w, I said yes right away even if it meant I had to re-edit some of the really cool colour pictures. 

As an artist I still keep trying to figure out what I want from my work and how I want to do it. On every photo shoot I'm trying to figure out if I have a style and what that damn style is.  

Mac&Lyndsay's engagement session felt right to me. I felt no pressure. I was shooting the images I wanted to shoot and I was lighting and shooting them the way I wanted. The style, the mood and the final look of those images turned out exactly how I wanted. Now, looking at them, I'm thinking: "These are really great. I could not have shot them better!"  Believe it or not, I don't experience this kind of satisfaction with my work very often. 

And the best part is (and it DOES get better) - the images were perfect fit with the couple's style!