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The beauties of the human body serve as the inspiration for photographer Aleksandr Onyshchenko's exhibit, being featured at Moncton's Assumption Gallery.

Ukrainian-born Aleksandr "Sasha" Onyshchenko came to Moncton in 2006 to join the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. It wasn't long before he and his wife, a fellow ballet dancer, decided to make Moncton their home. Sasha says that after four years working with the Ballet Theatre, he made what seemed to him a natural transition to photography, an art he taught himself.

In the exhibition the artist presents a study of the human body through a series of abstract images. "I wanted to capture visually dramatic images, where sensuality meets elegance, where fine art intersect with beauty", says Sasha, whose wife was his model for few photos in the exhibit.
Sasha acknowledges that his interest in the human body as art stems from his years as a professional ballet dancer. "In a dance studio", he explains, "we spent many hours rehearsing in front of large mirrors, studying the lines of our body. In this exhibit, I wanted to revisit those lines and convey the beauties of the human body through a different medium."

The photographs will be presented mounted on acrylic glass in various sizes from 15"x25" to 25"x50".

Working out of his Moncton photography studio, Kravetz Photographics, Sasha is in great demand. Commissions keep rolling in, and his work is earning widespread recognition.

Sasha Onyshchenko's exhibit will be on display at the Assumption Gallery through September and October. The artist is inviting the public and the media to a reception to mark the opening of the exhibit on Thursday September 5, from 5pm to 7pm.

by Geneviève Arseneau
Communications Officer
Assumption Life

Update October 8th 2013.
Printing and mounting was done by Creative Laminating and Custom Services.