I decided to post an entire wedding album instead of showing only the best spreads. I would like to show to my future couples how a full wedding story unfolds, the flow of the album and how we approach shooting and designing a wedding album in general. 
I like to keep my album designs as clean and as simple as possible, avoiding complicated collages which result in a visual mess on a spread.

We really enjoyed working with Gisele and Michael on their wedding day. Due to heavy rain the day before the wedding we decided to cancel the other outdoor location and stay at the house. This gave  us a lot of time for formal portraits. It was really interesting experience for me as a photographer to search for and bring out Gisele and Michael's personalities both as individuals and as a couple. 

The ceremony decor and the bouquet by Unico Decor Inc. 
Gisele's make-up by Bastarache Beauty.