I've been planning this image with my friend Julie for some time now. The main idea was to create a portrait which would tell a story about her and her active lifestyle using gorgeous Maritime landscape as a background. And even though it was really cold and windy on the day of the shoot, I wanted the final image to convey a sense of warmth and peace.

I created a series of images in this style over the summer, which I will share later. And here's why I chose to create them.
I've been taking a hard look at my work lately trying to understand what types of photography I enjoy the most and why. I realized that my photography will always be about people. I also realized how important image creating process is for me and how meticulous I am with everything from feet positioning and emotional expression to lighting and post production. Also I'm not much of a candid shooter.   I prefer being image maker rather than taker.

So I came to a logical conclusion that I would feel quite comfortable doing advertising photography and that's the goal I'm going to pursue for now.

On the technical side: series of images were taken with Phase One DF, P30+ digital back and 80mm Schneider lens and then stitched together to create a wide angle view without wide angle lens distortion. And as you see on the behind the scenes image, strobe lighting was added to create warm sunset feeling.

More to come. 

Updated on 2015/04/28
Here's a breakdown video showing step by step of how this image came together.