Here is a special group of people to us. I've been photographing Tony and Jennifer's family for few years now: beginning from their wedding in Caracas until their first born son Alex, and finally this portrait with the newborn Elliot. 

But this post is not about that. Based on my experience, and experience of many of my colleagues, the main reason why parents never do their family pictures is the feeling of fear (mixed with embarrassment) that their kids won't behave properly during shoot. I understand that, I sure do.

All I want to say is that every photo shoot is different because we are all different and shoot dynamics  are different for each single individual. Sometimes we just have to let it go and roll with things as they happen, and the image above illustrates my point better than I can explain it.

Yes, your worst fear may come true during shoot but it can be the best picture you will ever have displayed on your wall.


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