Over the past two years I photographed this wonderful family. I think it's a huge honour and responsibility to record these sort of milestones to any photographer. I don't consider myself a family photographer, however, when someone comes to me and we "click" with them on every level, I know that we got foundation for creative collaboration and opportunity to create interesting images.

What started as one simple maternity photo shoot, led to another session when Xavier was just born, and then to another when he turned one.

What you see here, is final layout design of a photo album. The design is already approved and sent to production. 11"x14" vertical prints will be put together into a black leather bound book. I will update this post with pictures once book arrives.

I won't bore you any longer. I only hope that chemistry of this family comes through these images and you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


*Click on images to open full screen viewer.