Past summer I was working on a new album cover for NB country singer George Belliveau. We planned a studio portrait shoot for George alone and one shoot on location with his band.  While going over some location options, George mentioned he would prefer old pier or wharf. For no apparent reason. Just because it would look cool.

I knew of couple locations around Moncton which would fit the description. One of them is old wharf located in Belliveau Village. When I told George about it, I learned that that's where he grew up. And all of a sudden everything clicked. I knew we had to shoot there and nowhere else. It made perfect sense. It wasn't JUST cool place anymore. Now it had a story.

Photography/Postproduction: / ©2015 Sasha Onyshchenko
Assistent: Devon Rogers

All images were shot on medium format Phase One P30+, DF body, Schneider 80mm LS, Mamiya 35mm and Mamiya 210mm.

You can see some behind the scenes in this short film by Atlas Films:

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