Somewhere in Downtown Moncton (NB, Canada!) two photographers, me (wedding and portrait photographer Sasha Onyshcheko) and portrait and fashion photographer Denis Duquette, meet:

Denis: "Hey, man!"
Me:  "How is it going, buddy?"
Denis: "So, how about we get together and shoot some models sometime?"
Me: - "Sounds good, I'm in!"

 We let few people know about what we want to do and over next month this casual session grew into massive marathon photoshoot with over 50 local people involved. It became a huge project with professional make up artists and hairstylists, professional and aspiring models, photographers and videographers for behind the scenes (BTS) coverage and all this crowd was hosted by Corkum Photographics studio.

The photoshoot was scheduled for April 10th. The plan was to photograph 30 models in one day. Due to some last minute cancelations we ended up with 27 models and it took us 18 hours to photograph them.

My fiance is posing during light check on setup night.

It was an artistic collaboration between everyone who was part of it.  Without realizing it, we created a perfect opportunity for expanding our creative boundaries, for experiments and for trying things outside of our comfort zone. Needless to say, that such project attracted lot's of talents from our home town.

Everyone was working tirelessly from 6am until past the midnight with one reason - for the sake of their craft!

This post is just an introduction. You didn't really think that I would post pictures here, did you?! haha....

Meanwhile here is our video teaser of BTS:

Special thanks to Denis for putting this video together! Great Job, buddy! 

And check out Dan MacDonald's blog for BTS photos. 

 There is a lot more at works right now: interviews with photographers, closer look BTS, what lighting we used, how we did, and of course images! 
   So, check back for updates! 

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