There is a lot of retouching involved in creating every single portrait. This process takes very big part in my portrait photography. By "a lot of retouching"I mean many tiny adjustments almost on pixel level with one goal - to smooth out and diminish skin's imperfections and flows, while preserving its original texture. I want to make it look healthy with a touch of glow.

Retouching has always been important to me, and I've been developing and perfecting my process since I picked up a camera.

I created this video to show my retouching process from start to finish. And because web compression can sometimes completely ruin the image, it's important to remember one thing - how it will look on a print!  Image can look plenty great on an iPhone, for example, and pretty terrible on a print!

Model: Robyn Esson
Make-up and Hair: Sarah-Jane Bastarache

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