I was contacted by Dr. Christian Chiasson with request to update portraits on his dental clinic's website.

Christian had very clear idea about the images he wanted. During our conversations he was passionately telling me about importance of treating their clients as if they were family, creating welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, and how crucial it was to create portraits which will convey those feelings.
For me, as a photographer, it was VERY refreshing to hear that!

My goal was to create friendly and inviting expressions, showing some personality of each one of Christian's team.  

After visiting their website I chose the clinic as a location for our shoots (we had 2 shoots in total). Orange wall of the clinic's reception seemed interesting and very un-traditional background colour to me, which only added to the uniqueness of the portraits. Later in postproduction I added more warmth to the images for better blending with the website's colour theme.

 Got to say - I was charmed by Christian's female team, the ladies seemed to enjoy this experience and totally rocked the photo shoots.

Visit Dr. Chiasson's website for final results.