It's always a great time to update your website, business card, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. 
Time to delete that old photo taken with point'n'shoot camera and hire a professional photographer to do it for you.

Ok, you may be saving $100-200 by asking a friend to do it for you, or even worse - by doing it yourself. But poor quality image of you or your employee will cause much more damage than what you save. 
How do you expect people to pick up the phone and call your business if you didn't even bother to look good for them and at the meantime expecting them to pay top dollar for your product and service?  Seriously. 

Your image is such a small, yet such an important detail, which simply states that you care!   

Show your clients how much they mean to your business! 
Show them you value true quality! 
Single portrait can tell everything people need to know about you and your business. Invest in it!  

Give me a call and I'll arrange the rest. The studio is right in Downtown Moncton! 

(506) 871-8140