Few months back (eight, to be exact) I and Denis Duquette had a photo shoot involving over 50 creative young people from Moncton, which eventually became known as the Marathon shoot.  
It was not easy to go through 5000+ images to select and edit only best ones, with this pretty busy wedding season that I had this year. But, the images are finally ready. 

During last two weeks of making final touch ups to the images, I was often thinking what an awesome day that was.  27 models were photographed in over 18 hours. Everyone was busy doing their thing. There was so much creativity flowing in the air that you could cut it with a knife. Why can't we do it every day...

Anyway, this is it. Make sure you read Denis's Blog post about that day, he's a great writer and his post will give you much better idea about what was going on. 

To view image in high resolution got my Website > "Models/Creative/Personal" folder. 


Thank you to my sweet fiance for her help and support during the day (well, always, actually)! :)  

Special Thanks to my team: 
MUA: Olivia Chandler
HAIR: Melanie Richard and Edgar Rojas 

Huge "Thank you" to David Corkum for providing his studio space.

Another "Thank you" goes to the guys covering behind the scenes: 
Maurice Veniot 
Brad MacDonald 

Must say that the image was inspired by Philippe Kerlo. Watch his BTS video on FStoppers